Dynasty Emperor Cat Food Duck

Dynasty Emperor Duck Cat Food Review

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Dynasty Emperor Cat Food Duck
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Have you wondered what’s in Dynasty cat food? We’ll get to the bottom of it and present our Dynasty Emperor Duck Review with rating here. Our evaluation criteria are related to the quality and price of this wet food, the brand behind it, and its communication strategy. Let’s dive in!

If you want to know precisely how we build our cat food ratings, take a look at our criteria page and see for yourself.

1. Dynasty Emperor Duck – the composition is flawless

Dynasty Emperor Duck scores with a balanced composition that meets the dietary needs of cats. It contains high-quality ingredients. There is nothing to complain about here, all 10 points are well deserved. The meat content is exactly two-thirds, Dynasty Emperor Duck contains enough moisture and salmon oil and comes without additives – so does not contain any thickeners, fillers, sugar, or unnecessary ingredients.

Something very special, in our opinion, is the good smell and texture, because the food contains, among other things, pieces of filet. This is very close to the cat’s natural diet and provides tooth abrasion, which is usually lacking in wolfed products. Once you have sniffed this food, you will understand how high-quality smells – it reminded us of canned stew.

2. Dynasty Emperor Duck Declaration is almost exemplary

The packaging gives clear and understandable information about the declaration of ingredients. However, no percentages are declared for the meaty necks and offal (“consisting of muscle meat min. 21%, hearts min. 10%, meaty necks, offal”), which limits transparency. Therefore, we deduct one point here. However, we can calculate that these two ingredients account for a maximum of 69% of the duck contained.

The feeding recommendation is spot-on, clear, and includes everything that is necessary and recommended by FEDIAF, the brand has obviously thought this through. Our calculations tell us the mean of Dynasty’s feeding recommendation for cats with 4 kg (8.8 lbs), 235 g (0.52 lbs), is only 3.7% more than our recommended amount of 227 g (0.5 lbs).

3. Nutritional levels and balance – almost perfect

The nutritional content is well balanced, with high-quality protein sources and essential nutrients. In our calculation of trace elements, we noticed that the level of zinc added does not meet the FEDIAF minimum requirements, however, the ingredients like offal presumably contain sufficient zinc (that the included offal naturally contains zinc is also mentioned by Dynasty on the product page).

4. Dynasty’s Consumer transparency is excellent

We found only clear and unproblematic information about the ingredients and the manufacturing process. Dynasty avoid misleading claims and give us no cause for criticism in this area. They describe their food as premium cat food that is gently and separately cooked in a special manufacturing process and without all the “sometimes questionable” additives. We found a clear list of what is not in the food – with consistent wording (“no”), without self-designed “certificates”.

5. The Dynasty brand – strong, but with room for improvement

The brand Dynasty demonstrates a clear commitment to animal welfare and sustainability in the cat food sector. They have a specific product category in their online shop dedicated to animal protection. However, they could be more transparent regarding the names of supported organizations and the specific projects that are being backed.

Dynasty places great emphasis on the good living conditions for all animals used in their food production. An essential part of their philosophy is the refusal to use baby animals, ensuring all animals can lead a long and good life. Moreover, the raw materials come from regional production, supporting a low CO2 footprint and reduced emissions.

Dynasty does not conduct animal testing, and their packaging materials, primarily aluminum cans, are largely recyclable. As a small company, Dynasty passionately represents their values.

Support for local associations, initiatives, volunteering, or sponsorships for animal shelters is not evident. Although we understand that particularly these points can be difficult to master with a small workforce, Dynasty misses two bonus points in the “Brand” category here.

6. Price/performance – reasonable

Dynasty Emperor Duck cat food is of high quality, which justifies a higher price in our opinion. At $ 2.58 per day for a 8.8 lbs (4 kg) neutered indoor cat, this wet food is above average. In comparison, Reveal Natural Wet Cat Food costs $ 0,56 / oz (12 x 2.47 oz cans on Amazon), Purina Friskies is $ 0,14 / oz (32 x 5.5 oz cans on Amazon), and Dynasty Emperor duck lines up in the middle of this spectrum with $ 0.32 / oz (6 x 13.4 oz cans in the Dynasty.pet shop). It is available exclusively through the brand’s own online store, which may mean higher shipping costs compared to ordering from Amazon. However, based on the quality of the food, this additional cost should be seen in context. Consider this food an investment in your pet’s health and well-being – it’s a high-quality option at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Dynasty Emperor Duck Review – Conclusion

Overall, Dynasty Emperor Duck Premium Cat Food is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the best for their cat and are willing to spend a little more for it. Despite minor shortcomings in the declaration and brand transparency, the food scores high marks overall with its quality, excellent composition, and focus on consumer transparency. A purchase recommendation for all who want to keep their cat happy and healthy.

As part of our test of the mentioned cat food brand, we have reached out to the company to obtain more detailed information about their products. We will update this post as soon as we have additional information.

Dynasty Emperor Cat Food Duck
Dynasty Emperor Duck Cat Food Review
Overall, this mono-protein cat food with duck offers excellent quality and ethical production standards that make it an excellent choice for responsible cat owners.
Nutrient levels and balance
Consumer transparency
Cost efficiency
Mono-protein, hypoallergenic
Hardly needs to be broken up
Only available via own online shop
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