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Best cat bowl designs for different eating styles

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When it comes to cat nutrition, the fine details of cat food can be just as crucial as choosing the right pet food bowl. If you think there isn’t much to explain here, you’re wrong. Not only the shape and material of cat bowls, but even the color can have an influence on how satisfied your cat is with its eating place. Together with the premium pet supplies expert from Dynasty®, we have developed a guide for you that deals with the theories surrounding the feeding comfort of cats. Here you get a deep insight into each design and material and find out more about the advantages of the different feeding bowls.

Types of Cat Bowls

Plates for cats

In terms of their construction, plates are wide and often without pronounced edges. This allows cats a clear view and access to food. For cats who tend to get their food from deeper bowls and eat straight from the floor, plates reflect this natural preference by providing a flat surface. One potential problem, however, is that playful cats can easily tip them over and the open design results in food being scattered around the plate. The bowl type is more suitable if your cat doesn’t tend to push its food around.

Dynasty Katzenteller
Dynasty Katzenteller
Whisker friendly plates:
The theory of whisker stress describes a discomfort called whisker fatigue when a cat's whiskers touch the sides of the bowl. Although this theory is widespread among cat lovers, there is no evidence to support it. One study found that cats' eating behavior was influenced by other factors, such as the novelty of the plate or the positioning of the plate, rather than whisker discomfort1. 

However, your cat's individual preferences can definitely play a role. If you notice that your cat prefers flat plates, give him a fancy cat plate next. 

Pet bowls

Bowls that are characterized by their curved walls promise a separate dining area. Their design ensures that food stays in the bowl, even if your cat is a vigorous eater or tends to push their food in front of them. The structure of a bowl also naturally concentrates the flavor of the food, which can stimulate and motivate the cat to eat. In contrast, plates spread the aroma more diffusely.

Anti-sling bowls

Designed to slow down fast eaters, the anti-gobble or slow feeders are designed with obstacles to challenge and keep the cat occupied during mealtime. Eating too quickly can cause cats to vomit or even develop chronic gastritis, so these bowls can be particularly good for their health. These types of vessels not only arouse their curiosity but also make eating a stimulating activity. Licking also has a calming effect on the cat and reduces stress.

Raised bowls

Elevated bowls placed on elegant stands offer your cat an elevated eating experience. This positioning is believed to facilitate digestion and reduce vomiting. For older cats or those with arthritis, this elevated position can also provide less strain on the neck and joints. In addition, the risk of inhaling food and water is minimized.2 However, for some cats, the elevated position may initially be unfamiliar and pose a slight challenge. With a little patience, most cats get used to this elevated sitting position.

Materials for Pet Bowls

Steel feeding bowls

Stainless steel bowls are characterized by their smooth surface and durability. Not only are they odor resistant, but they are also easy to clean.1 The bowls can also be used on induction stoves, providing the opportunity to warm up meals. On the other hand, they may lack the aesthetic warmth that some pet owners seek. Additionally, stainless steel is louder, which could scare cats. For this reason, steel bowls in the Dynasty® shop are equipped with silicone buffers that prevent rattling noises and ensure a quiet dining experience.

Ceramic feeding bowls

Ceramic bowls exude a classic charm. Aesthetics aside, they ensure that the smell of past meals doesn’t interfere with the next one. They also preserve the integrity of the food thanks to their neutral smell and taste. However, it is important that the interior of the bowl is glazed to create a smooth, impermeable surface. Completely unglazed bowls are unsuitable as their porous nature can trap food particles. The ceramic bowls Dynasty® offers have a safe glazed interior and an elegant unglazed exterior to ensure your cat’s safety and harmony in your home.

Plastic: A note

Plastic bowls become porous over time, allowing chemicals to leach into the food. These permeable pores not only absorb odors, but also promote the growth of bacteria, increasing the risk of cat acne.3 From an aesthetic perspective, they lack the sophistication that suits modern home decor. Given these concerns and the impact on the environment, it is clear why Dynasty® is committed to providing more stylish, hygienic and environmentally friendly alternatives by eliminating plastic bowls.

Dark or light bowls for cats?

Dark food bowls

Given cats’ keen visual perception, particularly their sensitivity to contrast, light-colored meat such as: Some foods, such as chicken, may appear more tempting in dark bowls, especially for those who are picky about their food. Dark bowls that provide a contrasting background can enhance the appeal of light-colored food but are less suitable as water bowls. Cats here cannot see the bottom under water, which is unsettling for some cats and discourages them from drinking.2

Dynasty Katzenteller
Dynasty Katzenteller

Bright feeding bowls

In contrast, bright bowls provide a calm and bright ambience. Not only do they provide a feeling of freshness, but they are also particularly popular for water as they reflect the clarity of natural water sources. This preference is related to cats’ tendency to drink from shallow, puddle-like sources.2

Dynasty®’s Devotion to harmony

One of Dynasty®’s guiding principles is to promote harmony between the worlds of humans and cats. The carefully selected feeding bowls combine style and cat-friendly functionality. Each item is tailored to optimize your cat’s comfort. Dynasty® products are high-quality design bestsellers that fit seamlessly into your home and harmonize with your cat’s innate tendencies.

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