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Why does my cat only likes cheap cat food?

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Cheap cat food does not meet your cat’s dietary needs

The answer lies in a combination of factors, including your cats natural instincts and dietary habits. First, it’s essential to understand that cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their diet should consist primarily of meat. High-quality cat food contains a large proportion of meat and organs, while cheaper food tends to contain more inferior ingredients such as grains, legumes, or beet pulp as fillers. Such substances can hardly be utilized by cats, making it difficult for them to obtain nutrients and leading to sluggish digestion. Let’s clarify how this relates to why your cat likes cheap food more than expensive food next.

The impact of early learning experiences

Another reason why your cat may prefer cheap food is related to its early learning experiences. From a young age, cats learn from their mothers what to eat. In the wild, this natural instinct helps them avoid consuming poisonous substances. However, for domesticated cats, this learning process may result in a preference for cheap, cereal-based food because that is what their cat mother taught them to eat.

Flavor enhancements and unfamiliarity in cheap cat food

Cheap cat food often contains flavor-enhancing attractants that make it more appealing to your cat. The taste and smell of high-quality cat food may seem unfamiliar and unappetizing to your cat because it lacks additives and has a more natural composition! This can make the switch from cheap to high-quality cat food a bit challenging, but not impossible! Think of it like a child who has been living off of pizza and ready-made dishes; when introduced to a world of colorful vegetables, salads, and other healthy options, they may initially resist the new flavors and the unfamiliar textures and aromas. Similarly, with a little patience and encouragement, your cat can learn to love the taste of high-quality cat food!

Transitioning your cat to a healthier diet

With all this information at hand, you might be wondering how to encourage your cat to embrace a better diet. Here are some methods to help your cat transition to healthier food:

  • Mixing small amounts: Start by adding a little high-quality food into its current meals, and gradually increase the proportion over time. This method is especially helpful for cats that are picky eaters or resistant to change.
  • Warming up the food: Gently warming up the new food can help release its aroma, making it more enticing for your cat to try.
  • Using treats as incentives: Create a positive association with the healthier option by incorporating treats into the new food.
  • Engaging in playtime: Ensure your cat is hungry by involving them in interactive sessions with toys and games. Stimulating its appetite can make it more receptive to trying new and nutritious meals. Keep in mind the typical cycle of a cat’s day where they eat after hunting.

Be aware of overeating and gastrointestinal issues

When you introduce high-quality cat food to your cat, its stomach and intestines are suddenly exposed to a whole new world of nutrients. As a result, your cat might overeat the new meals because they aren’t yet aware that they need a smaller portion size to feel full and satisfied. This overeating can lead to gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea and vomiting, which may cause you to revert to the cheaper food option. Rather than continuing to serve cheap food, consider gradually introducing the new food at a slower pace. Take the tips we already mentioned and give your cat’s belly a few weeks to adapt.

Your cat may prefer cheap cat food due to her learned eating habits, unfamiliarity with high-quality food. It’s also quite hard to get her away from those flavor-enhancing additives in low-quality options. It may take time and patience to transition your cat to a healthier diet, but doing so will ultimately benefit its well-being and longevity. If you know someone who could use this information, don’t hesitate to share this article with them! Spread the enthusiasm and let them know that making the effort to change their cat’s diet is absolutely worth it!

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