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No pain, no gain

Despite the many things that are wrong with this, (first of all, kibble definitely wouldn’t be something we’d feed our cats – except maybe for a special treat after some exercise. But this is not the type of exercise we were thinking of!) the stern expression surely makes you chuckle. But please just give that little bebe a fresh tasty piece of filet to chomp on for its efforts 😭

Don’t bother the kitten

This smol one wants to be left alone and chill in his snug bed made of denim.

Pallas’s cat kittens melt our hearts

Though they’ve likely grown big and stronk by now, there’s no denying the irresistible charm of these tiny kittens! At this early stage, it’s easier to distinguish the individual features of these wild cats, as their distinct fur hasn’t yet become bushy and puffy around their cheeks. Once their fur matures, they often resemble owls, making it difficult to resist doing a double-take! The captivating allure of Pallas’s cat kittens serves as a gentle reminder that even the fiercest felines have their moments of undeniable cuteness.

Lulu moving into her new home

This man got the best birthday gift ever, a lovely tiny Russian Blue kitten named Lulu. The way he gets insecure about holding her because she’s so tiny gives you fuzzy feelings ^-^ Definitely turn the sound on. Otherwise, you’d miss how this happy new cat dad demonstrates his protective instincts. It’s a heartwarming scene that perfectly captures the instant bond between a loving owner and their new feline companion.


He wanted a kitten for months. Now he has Lulu 🥹❤️ #catsoftiktok #kitten

♬ original sound – Riyadh Khalaf

Paranormal Cativities

Here’s a kitten playing with – as the author describes it – nothing. But people have come up with lots of different ideas. Some say the tiny furball is playing with a ghost. Others are certain greebles are responsible for this kitten going nuts (greebles are invisible gremlins that like messing with cats, and there’s a whole reddit for that). Some say is it’s just playing with the shadow! What do you think?

Adorable kitten screm

These tiny roars are so passionate, the little guy is shaking from it’s vibrations!

Kittens play with a tiny chick

Everything seems huge in comparison

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