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Cats knocking over things

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Ah, the age-old dance between cats and, well, anything within their swatting reach. We’ve all seen or heard about it – those mystifying, sometimes exasperating, always hilarious moments when our feline companions decide that what goes up must come down. It’s one of those universal cat behaviors that leave us both chuckling and questioning, “Why, Whiskers, why?” We may not always get our answers, but one thing’s for sure: it’s endlessly entertaining. So, without further ado, here are some purr-fectly funny captures of cats asserting their dominion over gravity. Enjoy!

Sheldon battling his owner’s stuff for attention

Poor gamer trying to focus while his cat only wants to play Jenga with his stuff!


Даём банку утешительного тунца проигравшему?😂

♬ Cleaning – Owen Wang

Orange cat reorganizes shelf

According to the owner, Milo simply tried to get rid of Alexa out of jealousy. But because she wasn’t the only thing that went flying, we think of all the feline mysteries, the “why knock it over?” remains unsolved.

One minute of cats knocking things over

This compilation gives you the opportunity to watch the exact same behavior in many different cats. Our favorite is the bright gray Persian cat who is looking at her owner like “What? What is wrong?”, before doing the deed anyway.

Not sure about this one

This bengal cat named Simba might just really be into the contents of this container 😂

This cat had a change of heart

No wonder, the penguin plush looked kind of butthurt.

How to stop your cat from knocking things over

This is what happens when you glue down the thing they want to throw down – look at the feet!


How to get your cat to stop knocking things over?#CapCut #catknockingthingsoff #catsoftiktok #kitten #lovelycat

♬ original sound – 尼古拉斯 – Nicolas

Another attempt at glueing a ball down

Different cat – different approach! It’s worth watching to the end to see the hilarious effect.


Ways to make kitty who likes to knock things down angry(•́へ•́ ╬)👀😁😘#fyp #funny #pet #petcat #cat

♬ The Chicken Song (Tchip Tchip) – The Dancing Chickens

You can see the gears turning in their little heads

They are so used to being able to knock stuff over that this seems to literally blow their minds.

Does this pebble-throwing cat remind you of a cartoon?

It looked like this cat tested a diabolical plan.

In case you are curious about why the heck cats knock stuff over now, the short answer is that they are just curious and sometimes bored. If you pay attention, most of the cats in the video get an interaction out of their owner by trying to throw something down a shelf or off the counter.

For most cats, getting attention is fun, and they also study the objects after they do so, in order to learn what happens to them. If your cat is exhausted by lots of play, it’s less likely she’ll still mess with your things, so make sure to play lots with her!

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